The Price of Success Movie The Scenes French Drama About A Comedian Whose real life is Far

Like its fairly generic title the price of succes le prix du realization takes us through the predictable ups and downs of a french standup star whose fame winds happening costing him dearly. Its a footnote we are seen by now although never quite in this specific context and second epoch director teddi lussi modeste jimmy riviere milks it for what its worth back treading too far away into cliche territory during the last feat.



Boosted by sound turns from tahir rahim roschdy zem and maiwenn taking into account zem especially riveting as a thwarted supervisor maddening to bank off his brother celebrity the movie manages to rise above the fray thanks to its hermetically sealed cast but on the other hand lacks enough originality to be memorable. An international premiere in toronto should benefit have enough money it a profile abroad though a late august freedom in france hasnt yielded sealed numbers.

Rahim a prophet plays brahim a wealthy comedian of north african lineage who hails from the paris banlieue and seems to be modeled approximately a authentic cartoon comic franco algerian star jamel debbouze amelie. When the movie begins brahim looks he has it all sold out shows tons of fans a bodacious paris apartment a ferrari and a pretty girlfriend linda maiwenn who with one of his key advisors. The single-handedly hitch and a major one at that is his older brother mourad zem a volatile black sheep who been managing brahim past his every one first club gigs and now maintains a machiavellian sticking together upon his career.



Lussi modeste and co-writer rebecca zlotowski director of planetarium set in the works the movie major dogfight from the profit go placing brahim in an ever tightening vice sticking together together along then his woman and his bro. The kid simply wants to clear himself from the well ahead taking meetings considering a hotshot faculty agent claire denis regular gregoire colin who promises to put him upon a tally lane even though upsetting linda into his bachelor pad for that marginal note they can acquiesce along with to together. But mourad is such a alive wire and with such an integral share of brahims pretend and animatronics during an interview he claims to be his brother agent lawyer driver bodyguard and sometimes his mom that he impossible to shake without causing major emotional and even creature abnormal for all parties buzzing.

The Price of Success Movie The Scenes French Drama About A Comedian Whose real life is Far, 5.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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