Out a Working Man Traveling From Central Europe To The Baltics

Years back in the early days of the european economic community there used to be worried talk of agricultural overproduction creating wine lakes or butter mountains gargantuan quantites of foodstuff going ruinously cheap because supply far outstripped demand. These days it sometimes feels like there a similar continent wide excess we call it a sprocket tangle or some such if it werent for the fact that its probably all on digital of modestly budgeted EU co productions destined to be seen only at festivals and the art house niches of their partner nations before slipping into back catalog obscurity.
The slovakia hungary czech republic latvia co-producation out is a perfect example of just that sort of sweet amusing but ineluctably dull festival movie. Flecked with notes both of tragedy and comedy a bit critical of the rising tide of xenophobia across europe but not so political as to frighten any horses mildly whimsical an earless stuffed rabbit plays a major role in the story this debut for fresh out of movie school director gyorgy kristof is the cinematic equivalent of supermarket pinot grigio. no one will be offended by it but few will remember much about it.
The story starts in a factory where agoston japiter moon sandor terhes who has a handsome rugged man of a certain age face a hungarian in his 50s who has been living in slovakia for some time is being laid off along with 40 percent of the company workforces. Agoston just gets under the feet of his slovak wife eva bandor at home and his daughter judit bardos has grown up and flown the nest. A leaflet offering work at a dockyard in riga,latvia sounds like an ideal solution and a chance to travel something out protagonist has always longed to do.

After a long bus ride across eastern europe agoston shows up at the shipyard to discover they are not expecting him at all that he the victim of a scam. However a modest donation to help endangered animals paid to one shipyard employee leva norvele kristof secres him work after all and agoston settles in to a steady routine.

Out a Working Man Traveling From Central Europe To The Baltics, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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