New Mutants stranger things charlie heaton in talks to star in X-men spinoff

The actor who plays brooding outsider jonathan bryers on the netflix phenomenon is in engotiations to join the cast of fox new mutants. The witch and split star anya taylor joy and game of thrones maisie williams have already signed up for the ensemble young adult superhero movie being directed by josh boone. Rosario dawson is also in negotiations to join the cast. Heaton will play sam guthrie also known as cannonball a teen who propels himself into the air and is invulnerable while doing so.

Taylor joy will play illyana rasputin code named magik a girl who has learned sorcery and uses teleporation discs to travel. Williams will portray rahne sinclair aka wolfsbane a girl struggling to reconcile her religious beliefs with her power to turn into a wolf. Dawson is to play a mentor figure a medical doctor who has the ability to generate a protective biofield around herself. The studio is looking to redefine the superhero genre as it did with deadpool and logan and is focusing on giving the spinoff a horor thriller bent.

It will tell of a diverse cadre of teens learning to cope with their superpowrs. The group also includes native american danielle moonstar and a brazillian ladies man code name sunspot as well as an alien named warlock. These new mutants find themselves held in a secret facility against their will and must battle the dangers of their powers as well as the sins of their past.

New mutants has a release date of april 13,2018 boone and his writing partner knate lee wrote the script for the project which is set to shoot in july in boston. Heaton was one of the breakout stars of stranger things and mutants marks the first features project he singed on for since the show debuted. The actor starred in two movie the thriller shut in with naomi watts and the sundance indie as you are which were made prior to stranger things.

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