My Son Guillaume Cannet His Son Back In This Kidnapping

When a fathers little boy disappears in the snowy woods of eastern France, he embarks on a nail-biting crusade to get him back before it’s too late. Seen this one before From Taken to Prisoners to the recent Kidnap, there’s been no shortage of movies depicting parents going out on a limb to save their children from imminent doom. And while My Son Mon Garcon, which marks the latest collaboration between Joyeux Noel director Christian Carion and star Guillaume Canet, hardly deviates from formula, it’s got a nervously eerie feel to it that’s grounded in Canet’s gripping turn as a dad out to do good for his estranged family. Released wide in France, this generic but potent effort, which was apparently shot in six days, should rake in decent numbers at home and find takers abroad looking for the next Anything for Her or Tell No One.

Clocking in at a swift 84 minutes, My Son hits the ground running or rather driving, as we follow geologist Julien Canet winding along mountain roads to arrive at the campsite where his 7-year-old son Mathys Lino Papa went missing a day earlier. A teary-eyed talk with his ex, Marie (Melanie Laurent), and an anxious interview with a gendarme Mohamed Brikat, allow us to surmise the facts: Julien moved out of town a few years ago after separating from Marie, who’s now hooked up with a local named Gregoire Olivier de Benoist. Since then he’s been working abroad and maintains minimal contact with Mathys, who’s been suffering in his absence and has suddenly vanished while on a nature trip.

My Son Guillaume Cannet His Son Back In This Kidnapping, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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