Kiss Me Not Movie A Popular Starlet Who Suddenly Decides To Take The Veil Thus Wrecking A First Time

Peculiarly timely in the days when the movie industry is questioning the abuse of actresses by powerful men writer director ahmed amers kiss me not balash tbousny flips the coin as it were in a satire lampooing the abrupt conversion to religious modesty by certain egyptian actreses. The movie secular stance and casual daring uncover some of the mega contradictions in egyptian society. But apart from curious festival goers like those at its bow in dubai arabian nights section its comedy is too broad and local for most art house audiences to digest. Lacking the sophistication of last year the preacher by magdi ahmed ali which touched on the unholy alliance between religion and state in egypt kiss me not should have a mostly regional caree.

Still the subject is perfect for comic treatment. the trend toward conservative onscreen dressing which began in the early year of the millenium on a wave of politically inspired emotion involved actresses like rising young star hanan turk who suddenly announced she would not shoot any more movie without beging fully covered up. she ended up starring in TV soaps and the confused young heroine of amers comedy appears headed towards a similar fate.

Though touted as a mockumentary in the PR materials its genre is better described as a movie within a movie within a movie. It tells the story of how the earnes tamer a first time director shooting the final script of a revered deceased screenwriter. Makes his first art movie. At the time one of his pals from movie school an intrusive making of doc that reveals the young directors ineptitude in handlng amajor crisis with his lead actress fagr yasmine rais.

As the movie opens we find her on set fully made up in screamng red lipstick under satin sheets and in bed with the narcissistic actor who is playing her husband. The fictional movie denouement depends on husband and wife resolving their marital issues in a passionate kiss in bed but at the crucial moment fagr makes a disguested face and draws back.

What at first seems to be a personal issue with her co-star turns into something much more serious as take after take she flubs her lines and or refuses to kiss him. Audience sympthy goes out to the nervous young director cetainly no to her. Almost everyone on the set is an impatient male and even fafrs mother and a lone make up woman urge her to kiss the guy and get it over with. The only exploration of her deeper motivations happens in some heavily satirized meetings with a religiously inclined shrink to whom she recounts her freudian dreams. He just adivises her to hold fast to her purity and stay veiled.

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