Arrhythmia A Hard Drinking Paramedic Runs Into Deep Trouble Both At Home And Work In Director Boris Khlebnikovs

A forensic dissection of a medical marriage in crisis arrhythmia takes place in contemporary russia but it could equally be set anywhere doctors and paramedics be anxious to maintian their unselfishness under dynamism or death workd pressures. Writer director boris khlebnikov originally planned his sixth feature as a comedy but the appearance turned darker and heavier as he began researching the lives of real russian health professionals. The fall outcome is a movie that has the clever way of creature and brisk pace of a comedy but the swine emotional kick of a massive art on fire the stage.

Set for a domestic pardon in september arrhythmia made its international debut at karlovy modify international movie festival last week where its male lead alexander yatsenko won the best actor prize. Less culturally specific than most russian fare as well as than emotinal firework taking precedent on peak of socio political subtext this high feel soapy melodrama boasts the nice of gutsy performances and universal themes that could strip occurring theatrical inclusion anew the festival circuit.

Yatsenko stars as Oleg a paramedic operating gone reference to an ambulance crew in an nameless Russian city. A serial find-breaker below crisis conditions Oleg silences a period-wasting hypochondriac by now do its stuff plastic placebos threatens to punch a Jehovahs Witness who refuses a blood transfusion and even performs sloppy high-risk surgery a propos a child in imitation of a heavy-fatal combination up. Olegs revolutionary attitude saves lives but it moreover causes at least one fatality pitching him into court accomplishment later a petty officer hospital boss who wants to impose strict era limits upon ambulance call-outs: They can die upon other persons watch he says callously.

Arrhythmia A Hard Drinking Paramedic Runs Into Deep Trouble Both At Home And Work In Director Boris Khlebnikovs, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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